Friday, February 27, 2009

Little Beach Walk


With the classic rock in sand shot.


Classic bivalve shot.


And the super classic, shadow kiss on a beach shot.  Enjoy, jon

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cavern Anyone?


I waited my turn to look out of the cavern, it took a while, and I was polite the whole time.  Turns out, nothing to see.  Drats.   _C286699


It's mostly dark inside caverns.


See?  Totally dark.  Not very exciting.  Well, sort of exciting.  I've never really been in a cavern like that before.  I hope it was natural.  But I have a sneeking suspicion it was created for the baths.  Enjoy, jon

Monday, February 23, 2009

Rocks Around The Rosey


Sometimes my thematic/timeline track gets knocked off course.   As such I have to have sections such as this one, the rocks around the Sutro Baths but before we got to the Cliff House.  After seeing the folks above, I had to take my own picture of a posing Kat on the rocks.


I'm sure mine is better.  Kat is too cute to let some other rock portrait be better.


Wonder what he found?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sutro Baths


Built in 1896 Sutro Baths were once the largest indoor swimming pool establishment. 



The monstrous concrete, steel, and wood structure was built by the mayor of San Francisco Adolph Sutro.  Who also owned the neighboring cliff houses at the time.


We had a blast hiking up and down the hills which surrounded it.  A great little surprise after our long walk.  Kat took a break while I hunted flowers.


There was one natural bright white lily, but I couldn't get to it.   Well, I could have, but only if I tramped all over a bunch of other plants.  And I would have felt bad about that.  Instead I only have a memory of the little bugger.


The baths weren't destroyed by an earthquake.  Instead, years of being unprofitable, closing, then become neglected eventually led to it burning down.  I doubt anyone minded by that point.  It's currently run by the National Park Service.


According to Wikipedia, a couple people have been swept away by large waves on the rocks.  We risked it anyway.


And according to this sign.

P.S.  Due to school I'll be shifting to a less often posting.  Maybe Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  I'm not quite sure yet. 

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Right Combination


The right combination of being open minded and planning led to one of the best hikes of the trip.  After I saw the bus traveling up the giant hill we just walked I asked the Legion of Honor ticket gal when it comes by.  She responded with "Who knows." and explained that particular bus has no rhyme or reason.  After asking where we were going, she suggested this trail.  Brilliant.


Kat lead the way.  Down the mystery trail.  A trail we hadn't heard of outside of random ticket lady.  Did she steer us wrong?  Was it a dangerous trail of despair?  Didn't she warn us it was an hour long hike?


Graffiti, or art?  You decide.


Indeed, random ticket ladies suggestion led us right.  Between the rock faces, flora, Golden Gate, and views of the bay, one couldn't ask for anything more.  There are people in this picture, on that rock ledge.  Just to give you an idea of how cool the giant rock faces are.


And Kat's favorite from the trip.  Which I totally understand.  What a cutie pants!


Then it led us to something that wouldn't been on the list without random ticket lady.  Someplace magical.  Well, not magical but pretty cool.  That's for tomorrow. Enjoy, jon

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sculpture Time


Allright.  Inside the legion, time to take photos like nobody's business.


Ooh, look at this stern bearded man.  I bet he was a philosopher of some sort.


They did really well to create so much space in such a relatively small building.  Really gave one a chance to experience the art in a grand space.


The main gallery space was exclusively dedicated to Rodin. 


Backside Rodin. Their mooning you.  Mocking you.  Ha.


She's a part of a clock on a marble mantle.  Now that's showy.


Ready to sail the seven seas.  Explore, discover, conquer.  All naked, with a cape.


More pomp!  I wonder if it was a wig?


A hauntingly deep stare from such a delicate face.  And a smudge, I think some ass touched the sculpture.


Kat and Claude sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.  Actually, that would be really disgusting.  Monet has been dead for years now.  Monet was certainly Kat's favorite.


Before watching "Straub" I would have thought she's in glass to protect her from being stolen/touched.  Now I would guess its to prevent her from being covered in dust.  Imagine cleaning all those nooks and crannies of her detailed blouse and jewelry.


Another intense look.  Wonderful artists these sculptors.


Naked and ready for war.  Probably Scottish.


Contemplation of the art on the outside.  We actually didn't walk on that side of the building.  Odd.


We'll finish with this fat and happy little Buddha.  My favorite piece in the porcelain gallery.  Enjoy, jon

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Around the Legion


We found it!  Only another long uphill hike later.  Then I saw a bus, not on my map, dropping people off at the front door.  Blast.



We'll stay out, and go around before we go in.  As usual, a lion guards against invaders from the bay.


An impressive structure of classic granite and columns.  A wonder to enjoy even the hallway.


Rodin's thinking man, not the original, sits at the entrance of the legion.  Man, now I need an architecture specialist to tell me what this space is actually called.  Tell me about the building.


Thank goodness for Wikipedia.  The California Palace of the Legion of Honor was built in 1924 as a 3/4 scale imitation of Palais de la Légion d'Honneur


Hey look, its Kat at the terminous of the Lincoln Highway.  The fountain is the western end of the first cross country road.  This is the fourth picture I took of her in a row.  I do this to try and get my lighting and settings correct, unfortunately by then, Kat gets a little bored with the project.


After the inside, the long shadows from late day made for a great scene.


Hey, the Golden Gate once again. 


Charge!  War is awesome and should be celebrated in statue form. 


Backside.  Just as pretty, a whole lot less crowded. 


One last outside Kat.  Tomorrow we'll move in.  Enjoy, jon

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fancy Houses and a Little Lost


Houses look pretty expensive around these parts.  Awesome landscaping, and luxury cars.  How do you know this guy is the fanciest on the block?  He has a lemon tree.  The apex of hoity.


You can't tell from the wide shot, but the entrance has some really creepy granite faces.  Two are screaming, and they all have crazy hats.  Nothing creepier than crazy hats.


Tell me if this bothers you.  The tree on the right is growing at an angle.  I understand that it is a hill, and not being a horticulturist I cannot be sure, but I'm pretty sure trees grow perpendicular to gravity, not perpendicular to surface. 


A nice row of Victorian houses.  Everyone seemed to work very hard at keep up.  Almost all of the houses were freshly painted, and very few people stripped the adornments off instead of keeping them up.


I'm totally getting a lion someday.  Putting it right out front.  Hopefully a more intimidating one.  Likely Oriental style.


So far we have been walking from Alta Park to the bus stop.  A short bus ride later, and I was starting to feel a little unsure.  Especially because where the bus dropped us off.


In front of a giant staircase.  More hill!  About this time I was referencing three maps, hoping my navigation was correct.  Yet, outwardly I was completely confident, less Kat know I didn't know.


Looking back at the city before wandering into the park.  Will Jon find his way?  Can he get the couple to the Legion of Honor?  Will he get lost because the park has a golf course in his path?  Tune in tomorrow to find out.......   Enjoy, jon