Thursday, March 31, 2011


Shall Not Pass

It is important to note, that as of this writing the Walker administration and the Fitzgeralds have published the collective bargaining restriction. After a court order to not, after breaking the open meetings law, and after stripping it out of the budget repair bill, after a budget repair bill wasn’t necessary (there is a deficit, however it was not large enough to warrant a repair bill per state law). The Fitzgeralds, the brothers who run the legislature, have chosen to ignore the Tommy Thompson appointed district judge and go ahead and claim it is law. This is an absolute embarrassment to law, and society. Whoever thinks this is about the budget, is pure unadulterated fuckiing stupid. It is about ruling the state by fiat, damn the law. Also in the last weeks since the protest, we found that one of the senators doesn’t live in his district, Jeff Stone in his bid for county executive claimed the bill needed work, then voted for it. We gave a mistress lobbyist a 35% raise, ‘due to her education', an education that is less than what teachers are required to have. The republican party has entered into a smear campaign against a UW Madison professor. And, lest you forget this is all about the budget, Walker has proposed replacing 20% of state bureaucrats with gubernatorial appointees, so he can better directly reward his cronies.

Fuck him.


We all pay taxes


Not the voice


Yu No Resign?!?!?!!


Can't feed my baby with Tea Bags








W tf!






Pro Union Veteran




Dinner First




Yeah, that's true


Dressed to Kill, this Bill.


Hide yo' Kids


Ok, that's offensive.


Union Leader


Palin Quit, why can't you?




Former Lady Tea Partier?


What Next


Never a Miscommunication


Cthulu Hates Teabaggers


A few Friends


Capital From State Street




Race to the Bottom


It is Saturday

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

For her Dad

Firefighters for Labor

I’m sure she was very happy to help out her dad. Even though Walker protected his supporters, firefighters and police officers know what is right and have been protesting in force.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Madison Protestering


The first thing that stuck out to me at the protest, was the severe lack of hippies. Images in the news centered around the students beating drums and singing in the capital. Later discussing this with other people, I found it to be a great disservice to what was happening on the ground. Most of the protesters were adults and families coming to defend there rights. We supported them by coming out as well, one TA and two tax-payers. Not hippies, not ‘thugs’. Concerned citizens, and someone whose family is under attack.

Plus, steel workers and pipe fitters gave away brats, so that was awesome.

Below you will see many of the signs protesters were carrying. Some funny, some emotional, but all carried with the seriousness of the matter at hand. Not to mention two buddies in a totally hipster shot.

After reviewing my Friday afternoon pictures, which these all are, I decided I didn’t have enough faces. I wasn’t telling a story. But, they are all legitimately entertaining!























Monday, March 28, 2011

Drip, drip, drip. It was one of the last days to see the crazy ice formations on the lakefront. You could easily pretend you were on an arctic glacier. Braving the wilds of Antarctica for science and glory. The whole time I was wishing I'd see a penguin.

Photog Show Off

Instead, I saw this crazy guy taking pictures up the glacier's skirt. Hey buddy, maybe the glacier wants a little privacy.

Ice Balls
Snow balls.
Perfect Kayak Day
And there he goes. The craziest man on the lake that day. Just going for a nice little kayak. It was seriously 20 degrees out. Now, I understand where you would get the idea to do something like that, but I'll never understand where you find the crazy to actually go out and do it. However, it was really nice of him to smile when he saw me taking this picture. Thanks guy!
Scary, I know.
No Lifeguard
I was led to believe there was going to be a lifeguard. Not only am I incensed by that, you seem to be insinuating it is appropriate to be swimming in this weather. When I get a hold of you sign, I'm going to give you a piece of my mind.