Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Second Birthday Party


I suppose a little fun from now and again is all right.  It was a nice second birthday party for Brooke, the oldest child from the Bailey's of the West.


Almost too much giggling and fun took place. We darn near had a smile-splosion which could have taken down the whole block. 


Brooke got to blow out the candle! Wait, you didn't think Brooke was turning two, did you?  Nope, this is just her second birthday party this summer.  How nice of her to allow us to have one in Wisconsin as well as Colorado.


As usual, Andrew was one of the favorites.  His skills as a jungle gym are rarely in dispute.


Especially when it came time to play with the cupcakes.


However, it became apparent that Mr. Montes wanted to vie for the title role of jungle gym.  The girls happily obliged.


As the sun set, and the cake was devoured we couldn't stop making as big as smiles as possible.  What a fun day for cousins.

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